Hello! I’m Katy.

I am a singer, actress, model and creative located in Maui, Hawaii.


I grew up in a rural farming community, surrounded by the Idaho wine country and scenic Owyhee Mountains. A quiet creative, I could be found daydreaming with my cats in my mother’s garden or redesigning our family living room.

In dance I found contentment of my desire for artistic expression and self-discipline. The technique I studied for years at the ballet barre permeated my every fiber. I craved intricacy, musicality and grace down to a science.

Through singing I found my flair — a cultivation of song that welled up inside me. I was enamored by the finesse of the art form and vastly blessed by the musical mentors who emboldened me to pursue my passion. I seized opportunities to fuel my ambitions: performing as a studio recording artist, singing leading musical theatre and opera roles, and earning my degree in vocal performance.

As a teacher of singing and lifelong learner, I find it imperative to continually improve myself and grow for my students’ enrichment. I believe the best lesson that can be taught is how to take initiative over your own education.

Today I tackle new creative pursuits with aim to discover my voice in songwriting and poetry. I am slowly learning to let go of tightly-held perfectionism and sing outside of my comfort zone. I started my blog to share this exploration and connect with other artists. I invite you to join me in this vulnerable, but exciting journey!

In my studio you will find me cozied up to a project with an almond milk latte or berry tea – my Vizsla puppy, Rosie, sitting behind me.


I am a military spouse currently in the process of moving to Maui, Hawaii. My husband, Zack, and I enjoy hiking, gardening, try new restaurants and watching the Great British Baking Show together.