The sun swings sideways

to let us dip into
this different kind of midnight

where stars are caught
like fireflies
and water lilies sing a silence
sweeter than their secrets.

The cadence here —
once strange to us,
not in words,
but understanding.

In the kindness of a
time together
we listen

forming symphonies
of stillness.

In day,
a liquid dissonance
now blooms
of an oasis.

The rain is savored —
poured like honey
through the windows
of the soul,

pooling in lagoons,
surrounds us,

beating warm
and breathing new.

We float to gather moonwhite flowers,
pressed to lips
their petals glow.

I shape star-bloomed bouquets
of music
as tokens of my love

Sung to life from otherworlds
we never knew existed,

where out of darkness
we harmonize.

We release our words

like fireflies.

Writing by: Katy Claire Funke

Featured art: Water Lilies of the Night by Thomas Brioux

3 thoughts on “Nocturne

  1. How didn’t i know of your writings….I’m loving them not just liking….they’re very much full of enlightenment….you do write them from the ink of your heart beats…I’m loving the depths & what my “I” sees

    Liked by 1 person

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