I still see you
in the mirror —

like one we shared.

Only this time
it shattered


Into the roses

into the shadows —
the remnants
still shine

the silver storm
of your eyes

as they saw
what also
shone in mine.

Shards of you
pattern the sky
in a mosaic of night

I seek every glimmer
of your every light.

A mercury
of reflections
slips into the seas
of my mind

and into anywhere
I might find beauty

as you once taught me to.

How I longed
to see the world
from your point of view.

And why I look for you in me
I wish I knew

when to hold a piece
would cut
too deep

( to hold what was —
or what couldn’t be )

as you were always
I couldn’t go.

my mind opens doors
down halls of glass
in a house of mirrors

where I hope to find you

Writing & photography by: Katy Claire Funke

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