Sea Turtles

In this endless blue
my heart swells
& breaks
on rocks
in waves;

my mind
as loud
as tsunamis.

But you,
you glide
through time & space
to reveal the truths
in each our souls.

Each stroke
a meditative dance

your cosmic travels
in utter silence.

Can you teach me
a shred of your stillness —
a grain of your
gentle strength?

With just a glimpse
of the galaxies
in your eyes
I believe
I can accept life’s
ever-changing shades
& learn to float
in the rain.

Writing & Photography by: Katy Claire Funke

Music of Good Friday

We are called to:

to the melody

(Edge tones of pigeon wings)
(A humming of waves cello

in sonic civility

(Ease of human frequency)
(Stillness of city rumbles)

on suffering’s elegy

(Dissonance of our being)
(Sickness of the innocent)

in resting humility

(Mercy of our heart strings)
(A cadence of gently living)

This year’s Good Friday is especially poignant during a time of darkness and suffering for humanity. Many of the lessons we are learning during this pandemic are reflected in the stillness of this day.

Napili Bay is one of the most popular snorkeling spots on Maui. It was so strange to be one of the only people there due there being no tourists on the island.

Writing & Photography by: Katy Claire Funke

Photos from Napili Bay, Maui, HI 4/10/2020

The Creation of Art

Why is it that every time I create something I panic that it is the last time I will ever create? Will this be the last poem I ever write? The last song I ever sing?

What is the creation of art but …

A narrowing of winding roads

leading to unnamed destinations?

A taming of the ruthless wild —

a guardrail on unforeseen emotions?

A beauty that hides the chaos,

but makes the truth be seen?

A grieving tree that’s frozen,

but surprises us by blooming?

A flourishing of harmony

of life in volcanic death?

A mesmerizing flower

that leads us on a new path?

A pruning of the jagged hedges,

a corralling of the lawless pastures?

An uprising of hearts impassioned,

a feeling expressed in lines & colors?

Maybe I needn’t worry

about if I’ll create again.

Maybe it’s in the beauty

of unknowing

where we realize

the creation.

Writing & photography by: Katy Claire Funke

All photos were taken on the Kula Highway in upcountry Maui, HI.

This poem was inspired by Francisco Bravo Cabrera’s post on What is Art?