A night at the opera

Three poems Opera For the opera tonight my heart is dressed in fitted black — a mournful and desirous type of gown that Callas would have worn, for music is untouchable, and stages are pandemic-dim, but I’m still so in love… I remember my first Met performance — twenty-one and tortured by the body language … Continue reading A night at the opera


On sailboatswe glissade —ceasing all activity from choppy shores to tranquil watersthat ripple tosimplicity. Boundlessly we float, we restin lovingkindness. Breathing in thesoftened skies we welcomeocean’s lullabies. “Lullabye” cover by Katy Funke https://youtu.be/DR73kyKrTeE Today I wanted to create a special recording project for my friends and family who just had babies or are expecting very … Continue reading Lullaby

If my verses had wings

https://youtu.be/_efFpZJ6_Jw My performance of "Si mes vers avaient des ailes" Si mes vers avaient des ailes Mes vers fuiraient, doux et frêles, Vers votre jardin si beau, Si mes vers avaient des ailes, Comme l’oiseau. Ils voleraient, étincelles, Vers votre foyer qui rit, Si mes vers avaient des ailes, Comme l’esprit. Près de vous, purs … Continue reading If my verses had wings