Journey Under Stars

In my loitering tonight
I realize
I’m not lost.

And maybe
it was the straight path

( the shackles I made to it
in an attempt to be free )

that was leading me astray.

In this waiting,

this time, maybe,
at the edge
of becoming.

In this waiting and looking up with intensity

I feel the aches in my neck
not in vain nor forsaking
all I’ve worked for
as little white lights
start perforating the night sky —

revealing themselves
one at a time.

Not ashamed of their infinite magnitude
nor afraid of their imminent death.

Each one belonging
to themselves
and made of the same dust
that I am.

Each one on fire

as I reach up
to hold just one
in my hands.

Writing and photography by: Katy Claire Funke

Trying out some astro photography.